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Looking For The Best BBQ Grills You Can Buy Right Now!

There are a few things you need to consider before you can get the best BBQ grill for your outdoor living space. You need to be clear on these 2 factors before you start deciding on the actual grill.

Firstly, what food you cook on the grill and the style of cooking. The type of food you grill on a consistent basis will determine the type of grill you will be getting. If you cook most of your food by indirect or low radiant heating then you will need a grill that has the cooking space to allow you to do so. If you like to cook large portions of meat on a regular basis then you need a large cooking area.

The next important factor will be the number of people you are cooking for on a regular basis. If you always have a large crowd to cook for, you are better off getting the largest grill that will fit your budget.

Of course, you need to look out for the other common factors, that you would usually do when you purchase any item. You would look at the product build, warranty, the reputation of the manufacturer and the features of the product.

When to Buy BBQ Grill?

If your passion is to do barbecues and you are after the strong smoke flavor in the food you cooked, then you need a BBQ grill.

I know that barbecue and grilling of the food are used interchangeably nowadays, but there is a difference in the cooking methods. I have a more detailed article about this here, which you can read later.

When you BBQ meat you cook it slowly and at lower temperatures. Make sure the grill that you choose is able to maintain a low temperature. Grills that struggle at the lower temperature range, as the infrared grills, are not a good choice.

You usually want to buy a BBQ grill to experience the distinctive smoke flavor you get when you cook in it. A charcoal grill is an ideal choice, as the smoke flavor you get is different from the flavor you get from the gas grill.

If you are only going to be doing barbecues on your grill, your grill options are going to be very different from someone who does more grilling.

If you like to cook food quickly and don’t fancy cleaning up the mess from a charcoal grill, then the gas grill will be an ideal choice. If you only barbecue meat occasionally, then the gas grill is your best option.

If you want the smoke taste using the gas grill you can always add a smoker box, wrap moist wood chips in foil, or buy a gas grill that has a compartment to add wood chips.

As you can appreciate there are many variations in cooking style on a grill, so the style and flavor you prefer will determine the grill you pick. There are many cooking methods and recipes out there to enable you to create scrumptious meals. The possibilities are endless.

Size Of BBQ Grill

The size of the grill is usually determined by how many people you are cooking for on a regular basis. Even if you are cooking for just two people you want to ensure you are able to cook all the food at one go. If you have a small area you will have to finish cooking one portion of the food before moving on to the other.

For example, if you had a small grill and you needed to sear meat you need to have the temperature high. After the meat is cooked you will have let the grill drop to a lower temperature, before you can cook any vegetables.

You will not have to worry about this if you had a large grill as half the grill can be at a higher temperature compared to the other half. This way you can cook all the food at one go.

You will also need a slightly bigger grill if you want to cook food by indirect heating. This type of cooking has the heat in one portion of the grill and the meat on the other side.

You will also need a larger grill if you intend to roast big pieces of meat or poultry on a rotisserie.

Which BBQ Grill To Buy

Let’s discuss the types of grills that will allow us to barbecue as well as grill food in it. This will give you the flexibility to cook food using different methods.

Charcoal Grill

A grill that uses charcoal as of fuel medium is known as a charcoal grill. This grill usually produces food which has a strong smoke taste to it. The aroma of the food is also enhanced by burning different types of wood together with the charcoal.

Since you are using charcoal as the fuel you need to get it burning before you can use the grill. Due to this, there is a bit of waiting time involved. You have to start the fire manually by either using some wood fire starters or electric fire starters.

There is also an issue to clear the ash after you’re done with the BBQ.

These grills come in different variations from portable, freestanding, tabletop and built-in.

Gas Grill

The next type is the gas grill. There are two types of gas supplies that can be fitted into this unit. You can either use natural gas or propane gas.

If you’re using the natural gas you need to ensure that you have an outdoor connection for you to hook up the grill. If you are using the propane gas then it comes in a cylinder that sits on the side or below the unit.

There’s a further variation to this category, some units come with conventional burners and others come with infrared burners. Currently, there are hybrid models with both these burners under one hood.

This type of grills tends to heat up very fast and have very high levels of heat. The high levels of heat help seal the meat and locking in the flavors. It may not have a smoke flavor taste that is as strong as a charcoal grill. But currently, there are some models that have included design modifications to add woodchips to derive this flavor.

These units also come in different variations from freestanding, tabletop and built-in.

Dual Fuel BBQ Grill

Some of us like the advantages of a gas grill, but also like the flavor a charcoal grill produces. As there was a growing demand for a grill to have both these advantages some manufacturers have come up with a dual fuel grill.

This grill has one portion working is the gas grill and the other portion works as a charcoal grill. Depending on the type of food you want to create you can use the desired section of the grill.

Electric Grill

Finally, you have the electric grill. As the name implies it requires electricity to run and it comes in many variations from free-standing to built-in, just like the other types of grills.

You may not be able to get a very strong smoke flavored cooked food from this grill but it has precise temperature control.

The biggest drawback will be the cost to run the grill for a couple of hours to barbecue food, which will far out-outweigh any benefit. If you are not after the true BBQ experience, then you can consider this grill.

It was added here in case you were thinking of this grill as an option.

Best BBQ Reviews

Everyone loves a good BBQ and love the experience of sharing lip-smacking meals with family and friends. Let’s be honest here, you are not going to get a cheap BBQ grill, and then stop using it, because it fell short of giving you the experience you were after.

You also don’t want to buy a grill and then spend more money repairing it. You see, there are grills out there that seem to be designed to make more money for the manufacturers; simply by selling the spare parts.

After researching many sites, and going through numerous customer reviews the following are some of the best BBQ grills you can find online or in the stores.

Best Rated Charcoal Grill – Blaze 32 Inch Built-In Grill

The Blaze 32 inch built-in grill takes the price in this category. It is a well-thought design with a solid build that is American-made.

Most parts in this unit are made from, 304 stainless steel. This ensures you have many years of corrosion-free use from this unit.

The unit comes with an adjustable charcoal tray. This allows you to raise or lower the tray to suit the heating requirement of the food you are cooking. If you want to sear the meat quickly you move the tray closer to the meat.

The charcoal tray can be easily removed once you’re finished using a grill. There is also an easily removable full-width pan to collect all the ash.

The grill comes with a stainless steel hood, which has a double-lined construction. This type of construction ensures the retention of heat to ensure proper heat distribution to your food.

The double lining also reduces any discoloration you may get due to the heat. This ensures your hood looks as shiny as the day you bought it.

The unit comes with an adjustable louver in the rear, which allows you to better control the temperature in the grill by adjusting the size of the opening.

The grill also comes supplied with two hooks to assist in lifting the grates to add more charcoal while you are cooking.


This grill has the cooking space to barbecue large cuts of meat. It also doubles for grilling food fast for a large group of friends, when required. It stainless steel built, gives it an elegant look in any outdoor kitchen.

Blaze 32 Inch Built-In Grill

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Best Rated Kamado Grill – Primo Ceramic Charcoal Smoker Grill – Oval XL

The American-made Primo Ceramic Charcoal Smoker Grill – Oval XL is the clear winner in this category. It is the best and the largest kamado grill in the market currently.

The unique oval shape of the grill allows you to have many cooking choices. The size of the grill allows you to cook the food with direct heat or indirect heat. The grill area is 25” by 18.5”.

The grill’s interior is made from ceramic that is lined with a scratch-resistant porcelain glaze.

The design of the grates is such that once you reverse it you are able to position it closer to the food.

The grates split in the middle so as to allow you to have more verticality in positioning them. This allows you to cook food with different temperature requirements at the same time.


This charcoal grill does a fantastic job at smoking, barbecuing, grilling and even baking. Its ceramic interior has excellent heat retention properties. Even though the initial investment is high, the excellent design and performance of this grill far outweigh the cost.

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Best Rated Gas Grill – Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Propane Gas BBQ Grill

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Propane Gas BBQ Grill has the most number of features within its range. It is a Canadian made quality grill, which has outstanding performance reviews.

The grill comes with 4 stainless steel conventional burners, which produce very high energy in the range of 48,000 BTUs.

It also comes fitted with a rear infrared burner when you got the rotisserie on. The high-quality rotisserie comes standard with the unit.

The grill is supplied with 9mm stainless steel grates with their signature wave design. There is also a side infrared burner to help you quickly sear meat.

The hood design ensures oven-like performance by retaining the heat once it is closed. There are lights on the interior side of the hood to assist in lighting the grill area at night.

The control knobs are easy to operate and have added lighting for better visibility in the night.

The unit also comes with additional features like an ice bucket and bottle opener.


This stylish gas grill comes with a large cooking area to give you the convenience of grilling large quantity of food fast. The cooking space also allows you to BBQ food by indirect heating if you so desire. Furthermore, you have the flexibility of roasting meat quickly with the rear infrared burner. The different cooking methods that can be used on this grill are only limited by what you want to achieve.

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Final Note

Make sure the BBQ grill you choose is sturdy, well-built and comes from a reputable manufacturer. Ensure the warranty covers every part of the product, especially for the burners and the grates.

The grill you choose will basically depend on the style of your cooking. Also, the desire for the strength of the smoke flavor will determine the type of grill you will get.

If you require a strong smoky flavor, you a better off going with a charcoal grill. This type of grill also allows you to vary the flavor of your food, by burning different types of wood.

If your cooking style needs flexibility and speed, you are better off going with a gas grill. Within the gas grill range, you have the ability to choose between the propane or natural gas-fueled unit.

Whatever your passion may be, you cannot go wrong in investing in a good BBQ grill to enhance your cooking experience. Enjoying a good BBQ with family and friends is both a delightful and rewarding experience.