Are You Looking For a Charcoal Grill With An Extra Large Cooking Area?

The Dyna-Glo DGN576DNC-D is the perfect option for anyone who desires a huge cooking area. You may be curious if there is any bigger Dyna-Glo Charcoal grill.

Dyna-Glo currently has 3 versions of the charcoal grill being compact, large and extra-large. Dyna-Glo DGN576DNC-D is the extra-large version. I am sure that you have heard about its extra-large cooking area and are pondering if this is the grill for you.

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This grill comes with other well thought of features that I will highlight below. Before you can decide if the grill is worth the money, have a look at the features and what it has to offer.

Features Of The DGN576DNC-D

Is The Grill Hard to Assemble?

Like most grills, you will have to assemble the grill when you receive it. The instructions may not be the easiest to read but they have made up for it in the way that they identify every part.

Most of the parts can be secured with a Philips screwdriver. In addition to this, a metric socket set may come in handy. If you don’t have a socket set an adjustable wrench will do the job.

The instruction advises that you need 2 people to assemble this grill. Most parts of this grill can be assembled by one person; you only need the second person to put the two trays onto the side of the grill.

The build is fairly sturdy and the gauge of the steel used for the construction of the grill could have been thicker.


On complete assembly the grill dimension is  32 inches long, 21 ½ inches high and 80 ½ inches wide.

The Hood

The grill comes with a hood and a thermometer mounted in the center. The hood’s design has a stainless steel smoke stack mounted on the top.

The hood has a wide grip handle to assist in lifting it.

Stainless Steel Stack

To further assist in the temperature control there is an adjustable flue in the smoke stack. This is located on the top of the hood.

The adjustment of the flue helps in enhancing the smoke flavor of the food.

Warming Pivot Rack

The hood has a warming rack that pivots between the cooking surfaces and itself.

The warming rack pivots in designed such a way that it moves away from the main cooking area when the hood is open.

As you close the hood the warming rack repositions itself on top of the cooking area.

Movable Cooking Grates

On this massive cooking space, there are 3 cast iron porcelain-enameled coated grates. This type of grate is able to retain heat longer and also assist in ensuring there is a maximum transfer of heat to the food.

The other ingenious thing they’ve done on these grates is the fact that you can move the grates from side to side without having to lift them off from the grill. The grates can be easily moved with any cooking utensils you have in your hand.

The reason the grill grates were designed to be movable was to assist in moving the charcoal within the tray.

What Is The Size Of The Cooking Area?

This premium grill comes with a massive cooking space of 816 in². To give you a better perspective of the size, it is 32 inches long by 18 inches deep.

Easily Adding More Charcoal Without Opening The Hood

Unlike some grills where you got to lift the grates to add the charcoal, this grill has a cast iron and steel access door at the front to aid in this process.

You can easily add more charcoal to this access door and you can also stoke the fire when required.

Adjustable Charcoal Tray

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The charcoal tray on this model can be easily adjusted by a hand crank on the front. This ability to raise or lower the tray helps in controlling the temperature applied to the food.

If you want to sear meat all you do is bring the tray all the way to the top for that high-intensity heat.

Ash Collection Tray

The ash from the charcoal tray falls into a large capacity pan below. The pan can be easily removed from the side and cleaned.

Due to the tray’s capacity, you don’t have to do this until you finish your cooking.

Airflow Control Dampers

The grill has 2 dampers doors, one on each side, to assist in controlling the amount of air to the charcoal.

This aids in controlling the efficiency of burning the charcoal, and the temperature in the grill.

Cart Wheels

The cart is supported by four wheels. It has two large 8-inch wheels and two 3 inch casters; that can be locked.

These wheels aid you in moving this 96 pounds grill with ease.

Accessory Basket

There is a basket at the base of the cart that comes in handy when you want to put the extra charcoal bag. You can also leave your utensils in it.

Side Tables

The grill comes with 2 side tables that allow you to keep cooking utensils and food that you wish to grill near you.

Things to Consider:

What Is The Clearance Required When You Place The Grill Against The Wall?

If you are thinking of placing this grill next to a wall or fence ensure you have at least 20 inches of clearance.

This will ensure that the stainless steel stack does not come into contact with anything.

Can You Fit A Rotisserie To The Grill?

This grill does not come with the rotisserie nor does it have a provision for you to add one.

Does The Dyna-Glo DGN567DNC-D Have Temperature Control Problems?

A few reviewers have complained about the heating control on this grill. They narrowed down the problem to the large gap between the hood and the body of the grill.

This gap makes the charcoal burn extra hot and any control from the dampers and flue seemed to have more effect.

This temperature control problem is easily fixed by picking up a seal kit from the local fireplace shop. They said the seal kit cost around $15-$20. The better sealing between the hood and the grill body made the dampers and flue more effective.

Another complaint about the high heat has been attributed to adding too much of charcoal to start with.

Just like any other grill there is a bit of experimenting initially to get the desired performance you like by controlling the amount of fuel you are using.

How Do You Prevent The Small Charcoal From Falling Through The Charcoal Tray?

The other notable complaint by reviewers was about the large spacing in the charcoal tray which seems to allow smaller pieces of charcoal to fall to the ash collection tray.

Many of the reviewers, who were concerned with this particular problem, placed some metal mesh on the charcoal tray. They suggested the metal mesh can be bought from Home Depot or the local hardware store.

Can You Add A Smoker Box?

There has been some query as to whether this unit can be fitted with a smoker box. Unfortunately, the manufacturers do not sell one for this unit.

If you like to smoke your food you can do it easily with this grill by making sure the coal is on the opposite side to the stack. You then place the food on the cooking area below the stack.

This type of indirect cooking will ensure you get the maximum effect of smoking your food as the smoke flows over your food and out through the stack.


The Dyna-Glo DGN576DNC-D premium charcoal grill comes with a 1-year limited warranty on all its part from the date of purchase. The unit can show signs of rusting after repeated use. The paint work is guaranteed free of defect except for rust.

Labor cost for repair is not covered by the warranty.

They also do not cover damage due to neglect, misuse or modifications.

If you need service call them toll-free on 1-877-447-4768 .

Is The Dyna-Glo DGN576DNC-D The Right Grill For You?

Only you can answer that question as this is a well-designed extra- large grill. It does have some user identified flaws which can be easily and cheaply rectified.

If you prefer the slightly thicker gauge metal construction with a tight sealing hood and are prepared to pay about $600 or more for it, then this is not a grill for you.

If you are a person who loves to roast and a rotisserie is an absolute must then this grill will not meet your expectations.

If you are after and entry-level charcoal grill with an extra-large cooking area, and don’t mind doing some work to get it working close to perfection, then this is a grill for you. The cost to seal the hood far outweighs the increase in performance you will derive from the grill provided you need it.

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