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May 18, 2016

All You Need To Know About the Weber Genesis II E-310 Gas Grill

This beautiful and elegant Weber Genesis E-310 gas grill is designed to give you trouble-free grilling experience. It comes with well-designed features and will not disappoint you in the performance when the fire is on.

It comes with ample cooking space to enable you to grill food quickly for a small crowd. The space in the cooking area and the burner configuration also allows you to barbecue large portions of meat over a slow flame.

This baby is available in either the natural gas or the propane gas. You will have to decide early which gas supply you want, as you cannot modify the unit later. I will explain the difference in the fuel source soon.

Weber Genesis E-310 Grill

In this Weber Genesis E310 Review, I touch on the unit’s construction and the key features before touching on some user experience that may be of interest to you.

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The Weber Genesis Grill is constructed of stainless steel, painted steel, and porcelain enameled coated steel. The grill sturdy and the gauge of the steel used is adequate.

The Weber unit needs to be assembled on delivery. You need to free yourself up for 2-3 hours to install this grill. You will find a pictorial assembly instruction that is easy to follow.

You will need a Philips screwdriver, Flat screwdriver and a 7/16 or 11mm socket to assemble this grill. If you do not have a socket set handy, an adjustable spanner or a 7/16 spanner will do the job.

You will notice the unit has a lot of welded joints and very little fasteners to install. This makes the construction even sturdier. You may need an additional person to help you when in installing the cookbox onto the cart. Just remember not to overtighten the screws as you can strip the threads.

Another item you will like to purchase before you get the grill delivered will be the propane gas cylinder unless you have purchased the natural gas version.

Remove all the items in the box before assembly. It helps to remove the pieces from the cookbox before removing it from the box.

The damage that happens during delivery is a common thing and we cannot hold the manufacturer accountable for this. If you are like me, you will jump straight into the assembly and only discover a dent here and a dink there. Most of us make this common mistake as we are so excited when we get a new product.

Shopping online for a few years now has made me wiser. So ensure you remove and display all the part out and check there is no damage and everything is there as per the assembly guide.

If you found the parts damaged remove to contact the vendor or company you bought it from. Some of them require you to send the whole package back as part of their replacement warranty claim.

After you have assembled the grill, you need to do a leak check before you fully commission the unit. Don’t get caught out here, as per the user guide you need to remove the control knob and control panel for the gas leak check. It is better to assemble the control panel last after you complete the leak check.

Once you have put everything together take a step back and admire what you have assembled. You will see all parts were sturdily made from the casters to the thermometer and even the knobs on this unit are attractive.

Natural Gas Vs Propane Gas

Before I go into the rest of the construction, you may be wondering which type of fuel supply you should get. The propane gas model requires you to purchase a tank. The tank sits in the enclosure below the cookbox.

Propane gas is known to produce a high amount of heat compared to a natural gas unit. In fact, it produces almost twice the amount of heat energy compared to natural gas.

The drawback is, of course, you need to keep replacing the bottle as the gas depletes due to usage.

The natural gas model uses gas from your home gas supply. So if you are purchasing the natural gas unit you need to ensure that there is a gas connection point in your backyard or patio.

If you do not have a connection you need to get one fitted. The cost of getting this connection point setup will be a major contributor to your decision, on which fuel source you will be getting.

The other factor you need to consider when getting a natural gas model is that your grill will be at a fixed location close to your gas connection point. You do not have this issue with a propane model as of fuel source is self-contained within the grill unit and this gives you the ability to move the grill anywhere in the backyard or patio.

The advantage of using a natural gas model is you do will not be running out of gas in the middle of a barbecue. Furthermore, if you are interested in the environmental effect of the different grills, the natural gas grill releases the least amount of harmful emissions compared to the rest.

Colors Of The Genesis E-310 Model

The Weber Genesis E-310 comes in three colors to give you the option to blend your grill with your outdoor decor. The three colors are black, copper and green.

Unfortunately, only the black Genesis E-310 allows you to choose the type of fuel source. The green and copper models only come in the propane gas version.

Dimension and Featurers Of The Weber Genesis E-310

Visualizing the size of an item from a picture can be hard, so the details below would give you a better idea of how big this unit is.

Total Dimension

On completion of the installation the Genesis E-310, measures 47.5 inches high 60 inches wide and 30 inches deep. The height of the grill with the hood open is 64.5 inches. You need to add another 8 inches to the depth when the hood is fully open. This will give you an idea of how far you need to position the grill away from the fence when the hood is fully open.

Side Table Dimension

The dimension of the side table is 16 inches wide by 30 inches deep. If you got limited space you can use this grill without the side tables installed.

Cooking Area Dimension

The cooking area dimension is 26 inches wide by 19 3/4 inches deep. The total cooking area of this grill is 513 in.².

The removable warming rack has an area of and 156 in.² and its measurement is 26 inches wide and 6 inches deep. The warming rack is made from chrome-plated steel.

This cooking area can easily cook 16 to 18 medium-sized burgers.

The Hood Or Lid

The Genesis E-310 comes with a stylish looking porcelain enameled lid. The lid has a thermometer in the center to give you the temperature of the grill area when the lid is closed. The hood hinges onto the cookbox. To assist in opening the hood there is a large stylish handle in the front.

The Cookbox

This grill comes with aluminum casting cookbox that houses a warming rack, grill grates, flame tamers, burners, and a grease management system.

The Grill Grates

The Genesis E-310 has porcelain enameled cast iron grill grates. This grill grates are excellent for heat retention and even distribution of heat. The porcelain coating makes cleaning the grates very easy.

There are 2 grill grates each measuring 12.75 inches wide and 19.5 inches deep.

The Flame Tamers

There are 5 flame tamers in the E-310 that are made of stainless steel. The flame tamers are just short of 18 inches wide and they sit above the burners protecting them from the oil and juices from the cooking.

Weber prides itself on having invented the triangle-shaped flame tamers. This flame tamers help in spreading the heat from the burners to the grill grates.

The flame tamers also serve a secondary function of vaporizing the juices from the meat. The smoke produced gets infused back into the meat, thereby adding flavor to your cooking. For this reason, the flame tamers are also known as flavorizer bars.

The Burners

The Weber Genesis E-310 grill has three conventional stainless steel burners. The burner installation in this grill is from front to back.

These extremely efficient burners produce a combined output of 38,000 BTU. The burners are constructed from a single piece of stainless steel, with no welded joints. This construction makes the burner stronger and more resistant to corrosion and burns through.

Ignition System

This grill comes with an electronic ignition system that ignites the burner almost instantly at the push of a button.

A single ‘AA’ alkaline battery powers the ignition system. You can access this battery by removing the ignition control knob.

If the battery on the ignition system fails you can always light this burner up with a match. There is a match holder positioned behind the storage compartment door. The provision of the match holder is to ensure you do not burn your fingers trying to start the burner.

Genesis E-310 Grease Management System

The juices, oils, and fat that are produced by the cooking flow past the flame tamers and end up on a grease tray below the burners. The distance of the grease tray from the burners ensures that any accumulated grease does not catch fire easily.

There are also 2 heat deflectors installed below the burners that deflect the heat upward away from the grease tray.

There is a sloping grease tray to ensure that all excess grease drains off into a catch pan. The catch pan is usually installed with a disposable drip pan to catch all the accumulated grease. The dimension of the disposable drip pan is 5″ x 7.5″. You will be able to pick up this drip pan from any online store or Weber dealer.

The catch pan in the grease tray is easily accessible in the open concept cart. You can then easily remove these two items from the front of the grill.

Genesis Grill Cart

The grill cart supports the cookbox.

If you had bought the propane gas model, the gas tank will sit in this enclosed compartment. Even with the gas tank installed there is ample space in this compartment to keep some of your grill accessories if you desire.

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Fuel Gauge (Propane Gas Model Only)

Only Weber Genesis models that run on propane gas come with a fuel gauge. This fuel gauge works on the principle of weighing the gas tank. The gas tank is suspended on a gauge and would indicate full when the bottle weighs about 38lb.

As the weight of the bottle drops, there is a corresponding visual indicator that shows you how much of gas is left in the bottle. The visual indicator has slots and a red moveable strip behind the slots. When the red indicator is showing at the second last slot; the tank is almost empty.

As this is a manual indicator is always a good idea to push the bottle down and allow it to spring back to confirm the reading.

As a secondary function, the suspension system also holds the bottle in place when the grill is repositioned to another location.

The natural gas model of the Genesis E-310 does not have a fuel gauge; instead, it comes fitted with a 10-foot gas hose to enable you to easily connect the unit to your gas connection.

Side Tables

The side tables on the Genesis series are fixed and not foldable like some of Weber Spirit models. The side tables are made of stainless steel and they have three tool hooks on each side to hang utensils when you take a break.

Moving The Genesis E310

The grill is supported by two heavy-duty casters and 2 all-weather wheels. The 2 front castors are the locking type.

The two casters and wheels support the 167lb weight of the Genesis E-310 and allow the grill to be moved effortlessly.

Many reviewers have raved about the ability of the grill to withstand strong winds. This is mainly attributed to the functionality of the casters and the weight of the grill.

How To Clean And Maintain The Weber Genesis E-310

To ensure you have a trouble-free operation of your grill, you need to carry out some simple cleaning on a regular basis.

Weber recommends you use the Weber stainless steel brush to clean the burners, flame tamers, and grill grates. If you can’t get your hands on the Weber brush you can always use any other stainless steel brush.

The grill grates and burners are easily cleaned by brushing with the steel brush.

To do detail cleaning of the grill you need to scrape off the excess grease from the drip tray and flame tamers. Assemble all the parts together and turn up the heat to high until all the grease is burnt off from the grill grates and flame tamers.

After the grill as cooled down, you can use a brush and warm soapy water to wash the grill grates, flame tamers, and drip tray. You can also use a sponge and some warm soapy water to wash the rest of the grill. Allow all the items to dry in reassemble them together.

Do not use the steel brush to keep clean the outside stainless steel surfaces of the grill. The steel brush will leave scratch marks on these surfaces

The user guide recommends you clean the catch pan and grease tray with warm soapy water after each use. You will find a further caution in the user guide, asking you to check the tray and catch pan for any accumulated grease before each use; as it could be a fire hazard.

There is also a recommendation in the guide to check the flexible hose that connects to the gas supply for any cracks, cuts or nicks before each use. If you do find the hose damage do not use the grill until you get the hose is replaced.

The burner combustion air opening has a stainless steel screen fitted to it to prevent insects from blocking the hole. This screen needs to be cleaned on a yearly basis. The screen also needs cleaning whenever the grill does not reach high temperatures, heat unevenly, gas smell with burner flames that appear yellow or when one or more burners do not light up.

If you do this on a regular basis, you can be assured of trouble-free operation from your grill for many years to come. It is always better and cheaper to carry out regular maintenance compared to overhauling the grill every couple of years due to poor maintenance.

Can You Fit The Genesis E310 To A Home Propane Gas Tank?

Some of you may be having a large propane tank supplying your home instead of the natural gas. You can get a plumber to help you hook-up the E-310 propane gas grill to this central gas system.

This also eliminates the need for you to check the weight of your small gas bottle regularly.

Does A Genesis E310 Have A Smoker Box?

The Genesis E310 grill does not come with a smoker box. If you desire a strong smoke flavor you can always purchase a wood chip box from Weber and place the box on top of the grates. A cheaper option will be to just wrap the wood chips with aluminum foil and place it on the grill grates.

What Is The Warranty On The Genesis E-310 Parts?

There is now a ten-year warranty on all parts.

Just be wary, the warranty does not cover wear and tear of the parts.

Things To Like:

Cooking Ability Of The Weber Genesis E-310

The E-310 can easily be used to cook a meal for a small group of 6 to 8 people or more. It all depends on how much food you want to cook and how fast you want it to be done.

The unit heats up quickly and within 10 minutes reaches 550°F. Turning the gas down easily drops the temperature to 400°F within a few minutes.

The cast iron grates heat up evenly and quickly. The heat distribution property of the cast-iron grate also minimizes cold spots around the grill.

The grill can be fitted with optional rotisserie if you enjoyed roast regularly. The rotisserie can only be mounted on the right-hand side of the grill. If you want to install the motor on the left-hand side of the grill you need to drill the holes for it.

If you’re only cooking a very small meal, you don’t need to have all the burners lighted up. You can just start 2 of the 3 burners and set it at slightly higher flame setting.

The E-310 can easily barbecue meat, cooking it slowly over a long period of time. The 3 burner configuration and the size of the grilling area make it is easy for you to cook a large piece of meat by indirect heating.

Things To Consider:

Converting Your Genesis E310 To Another Fuel Source

There are a lot of people who keep searching on how to convert the Genesis E-310 from one fuel source to another after they have purchased it. The simple answer is, you cannot do it. Weber does not encourage any modification on the fuel source as the grill has been tested and certified for the fuel source that you purchased it with.

Any modification done after the purchase will void the warranty on the grill. So it’s always better to carefully decide the model that you need before you purchase it.

Why Is The Temperature Of The Grill Stuck At 350°F?

This seems to be a common problem, that some reviewers who own the propane gas model have faced. The first thing you should do is to check the screen on the burner. If the screen is clear and has no blockages the next possible cause will be the safety valve.

The safety valve in the grill unit activates whenever its senses a possible rupture between the gas tank and the burner. This usually happens when you leave the burner control open and open the gas bottle valve. The sudden rush of gas activates the safety valve.

If you are stuck with this problem just reset the safety valve and you should recover from the temperature issue.

To reset the device close the gas bottle valve and turn the burner control valve open for about a minute. This allows all the residual gas in the line to escape.

Close the burner control while and slowly open the gas bottle valve to the fully open position. After about 30-40 seconds, light up the grill as per normal and you should reach the full working capacity of the grill.

Issues With The Burner Control Knob

Some reviewers have indicated that operating the control knob operation is confusing. The control knob on the Genesis turns in the anticlockwise direction, from off to fully open and then to low flame settings. The further you turn the knob in the anticlockwise direction the lower the gas output.

When you turn the knob from off to its first detent which is full open position you will be starting the grill at its high as flame output.

Propane Gas Bottle And Fuel Guage Suspension Problems

After operating the grill a few times the operation of this knob will not seem so confusing.

Some reviewers who had the propane gas model found the installation of the gas bottle onto the fuel gauge cumbersome. Because of the position of the gauge, they felt they needed to kneel or be in a partial squat position when installing the bottle.

Besides this small issue, the same reviewers still found the grill to exceed in all the other areas like build and performance.

Is The Grill Cover Provided For The Genesis E310?

This grill does not come with a cover supplied you need to purchase a grill cover if you intend to leave it outdoors exposed to the elements. Even if the grill is kept under a covered area, it is always better to cover the grill as you will find dust settling on the surface easily.

The Weber Genesis Cover 7017 is a perfect fit for this grill, to help protect it from the natural elements. The cover is a small investment compared to the benefits you derive from it.

Weber Genesis E310 Sale.

The Weber Genesis Series is very popular and the units don’t always go on sale often. If you shop around and are willing to wait you will be able to pick up one of these units at a good price during a sale.

If you cannot wait for a sale, at least be on the lookout for any in-house shop advertisements that say “Weber Genesis E310 Best Price Guarantee”. At least you know you are getting the best price possible, and if you see the unit selling cheaper somewhere else you can get the difference back.

If you are shopping online make sure the supplier is reputable and they have a replacement guarantee that will cover any damage due to the transportation of the unit. Make sure they also have a credible refund policy.

What is the main difference in the Weber Genesis Series Grills?

Are you looking for different features that aren’t in the Weber Genesis E-310? If so, there is a full review of The Crucial Dissimilarity Between The Models In The Weber Genesis Series.

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The Weber Genesis E-310 is a superbly built grill at an affordable price. The size of the cooking area gives you the flexibility to cook a large quantity of food quickly and with ease. The large grill area also gives you the flexibility to do different styles of cooking.

The grill also comes with the option of selecting natural gas or propane gas as a fuel source.

This is a grill for you if you looking for an affordable and stylish top performing grill that comes backed by a reputable company that has excellent customer service.

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