Are You Confused On Which Weber Genesis Grill To Get?

The Weber Genesis E-310 grill series share similar characteristics except for some small variations. It is easy to beak-down the variation once you have an understanding of one model. In this review, the base model for comparison will be the Weber Genesis E-310.

The Weber Genesis E-310 is a sturdy grill, built with superb features and rated highly by its users. The three burner grill comes with ample cooking area to satisfy almost most of your needs.

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The high temperatures produced by the burners easily grill the meat. If you are after a gas grill that can also barbecue by cooking your meat slow and with low heat then the three burner configuration allows you to do some fancy indirect cooking. Furthermore, the large cooking area allows you to cook large cuts of meat.There is a detailed review of the Weber Genesis E310 Here. That post deals with some of the issues reviewers have faced and the solutions for the problems.

Overview Of the Weber Genesis E310

I will do a quick overview of the Weber Genesis E310 before going on to the comparisons of the different models.

The Genesis E310 comes with a porcelain enameled shroud. The shroud helps keep the heat the grill. The shroud has a thermometer to monitor the temperature within the grill. The shroud also has a large handle to assist in opening it. The shroud is hinged to the cookbox.

The aluminum cast cookbox has two cooking grates made of porcelain enameled cast iron. The cast iron helps retain the heat and distribute the heat evenly around the grill. The enamel coating makes it easy to clean the grate.

There are 5 triangular flame tamers below the cooking grates. The flame tamers protect the burners as well as spread the heat from the burners to the grill grates. The flame tamers are made of porcelain enameled steel. The enamel coat makes cleaning the flame tamers a breeze.

There are 3 stainless steel burners that sit below the flame tamers. These burners produce 38000 BTU of heat energy. They are made from a single tube of stainless steel with no welds. This makes the burners sturdy and increases their resistance to corrosion.

Below the burners you have 2 heat deflectors that send the heat back up towards the flame tamers.

Below the deflectors you will find the grease tray, which captures all the juices and oil that comes from the meat that is being cooked. The grease tray has a slope that allows the waste to flow to the catch pan. The catch pan usually has a disposable aluminum pan that makes clearing the waste easy.

The cookbox sits on a cart that has two hinged doors in the front. The doors give the unit a sleek look by hiding everything below the cookbox.

The cart is supported by four casters; two locking and two swirling. These 4 casters enable the whole grill to be moved to anywhere you want.

The E310 comes in 3 colors, green, copper, and black.

The green and copper E310 only come with propane gas as its preferred fuel source. Only the black Genesis E-310 comes with the option of 2 fuel sources. You have a choice of propane gas or natural gas.

Again the detailed post on the Weber Genesis E-310 takes a look at the pros and cons of both these gas supplies. It also highlights what you need to look out for if you are getting a natural gas model. Click Here To Read The Post

Only the propane gas model comes with a fuel gauge that measures the weight of the gas tank. The tank is suspended on this gauge that has an easy to read visual indicator. The natural gas model comes with a 10-foot hose to enable you to connect it to the home gas connection.

Now that you have an overview of the Genesis E-310 let’s look at the difference in the other models with reference to this model.

The Weber Genesis E310 Vs Weber Genesis E-330

The Weber Genesis E-330 has got the same dimensions and features as the E-310. The model also comes in the same three colors; black, copper, and green. Only the black Genesis E-330, has the option of either a propane gas model or a natural gas model.

The additional items the E330 have are the side burner and the sear station.

The side burner is a flush-mounted and also has a cover over it. When not in use that area doubles as a tabletop. The side burner produces about 12000 BTU. This gives you the flexibility of throwing a wok or a griddle on it to add to your cooking area. You can also do some outdoor cooking that does not require the grill being fired up.

The sear station is an additional burner that is installed in the grill. This sear burner sits between 2 burners and adds an additional 10000 BTU to the grill. The burner has an individual control knob, which allows it to be turned on when required. This feature comes in handy when you want to sear the meat and lock in the flavors.

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The Weber Genesis E310- Vs Weber Genesis S-310

The Weber Genesis S-310 is a stainless steel upgrade from the E-310.The cooking hood in the S-310 is made from stainless steel. The hinge doors on the cart are also made of stainless steel.

The model does not just have a stainless steel upgrade on the outside; there are also some upgrades internally as well. The cooking grates in this model are 7mm stainless steel rods. The stainless steel rods transfer and distribute heat readily and are much easier to clean.

The flame tamers are also made from stainless steel in this model. These flame tamers transfer heat more efficiently and are also easy to clean.

The stainless steel parts have better resistance to corrosion compared to the steel parts provided proper care and maintenance is taken care of these items. The complete stainless steel look of the S-310 makes it a very elegant and stylish addition to any backyard or patio.

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Weber Genesis S-310 Vs Weber Genesis S-330

The Weber Genesis S-330 also has the stainless steel upgrade both externally and internally similar to the S310.The Genesis S-330 has an additional side burner and sear station compared to the S-310

The flush-mounted side burner produces about 12,000 BTU. The side burner also comes with a cover that is used to protect the burner whenever it is not in use.

The sear station in this unit has an additional burner which gives you the ability to sear the meat fast when required. This burner is individually controlled and produces an extra 10,000 BTU.

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Weber Genesis E-310 Vs Weber Genesis EP-310

The Weber Genesis EP-310 is similar to the E-310, except for a few items. Firstly, you’ve two additional colors to add to the range. The colors of the EP310 is; black, copper, green, crimson, and smoke.

Besides the color, there are 2 distinctive things which are different internally in the EP-310. The first being the 7mm stainless steel grates that increase the performance of the grill, due to its superior heat transfer properties.

The second thing that has been upgraded to the premium model is the flame tamers. The flame tamers on this unit are now made of stainless steel. This allows better heat transfer and ease of cleaning.

Sadly, just like the Genesis E-310, only the black model allows you to select between natural gas and propane gas.

Weber Genesis E-330 Vs Weber Genesis EP-330

The Weber Genesis EP-330 has almost all the same features and properties as the E-330.

The marked difference in the EP-330 premium version is again the five colors being; smoke, crimson, black, green, and copper.

The EP-330 has also upgraded the cooking grates and flame tamers to stainless steel. The cooking grates are also made from 7mm stainless steel rods.

Similar to the E-330 only the black model gives you the ability to select between two different fuel sources; natural gas or propane gas.

Final Note:

The Weber Genesis is a good value premium grill which comes with many variations to cater to the needs of the customers. That being said the Weber Genesis overall is a solid build, sleek and stylish looking, top performance grill. You will not regret getting a three burner grill with a large cooking area to help you, in bringing out your creative cooking talents.

As you can see it is easy to expand on the Weber Genesis E-310 to review the rest of the models. If you are looking for just the no-frills option of the Genesis series you cannot go wrong on getting the Genesis E-310.

We Recommend The Weber Genesis E-310 Available At Amazon