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May 15, 2016

Best Entry Level Grill -Weber Spirit E-210 Propane Gas Grill

In this review of Weber Spirit E-210 propane gas grill, I will outline the features and some key issues of the grill. The Weber Spirit E-210 grill is a compact grill that is suited for anyone with limited space in their backyard or patio. The size and performance of the grill make it an ideal choice for a small family. The grill comes with fold-down side tables that allow you to stash away the grill when not in use.

The Weber Spirit grill series is mainly constructed with a combination of black painted steel, porcelain enameled steel, and stainless steel. Though the gauge of the material used seems light, it is adequate for the size of the grill.

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The grill is produced and backed by a reputable company that has consistently improved its grills and added features that are most requested by its customers. The company also has an excellent customer service unit that is raved about by their customers.

Weber Spirit E-210 Assembly

The Weber Spirit E-210 grill does not come pre-assembled from the manufacturer. The grill is shipped in a box measuring approximately 32 inches by 24 inches by 25 .5 inches. You need to set aside to 2 to 3 hours to put this grill together. Some shops offer the service of assembling the grill for you for a small fee.

I know you will be excited to get the grill assembled and cooking with it. But, it is always best practice to remove all the parts from the box and ensure that everything is there, as per the installation guide.

At this point, you will check carefully that none other parts are damaged. If you do find anything damaged it is advisable to contact the vendor first, before proceeding to put the grill together. Some vendors will require you to return the product in the original packaging as part of their replacement guarantee.

Once you’ve confirmed everything is intact, you can start assembling the grill as per the unpacking instructions from Weber. The instruction guide has very few words and it is mostly picture-based.

You will need a screwdriver and a 7/16 deep socket to complete the installation. These tools are not provided in the box and it is best to have them handy before you start the installation.

One of the cautions in assembling this grill is not to over tighten the screws as you can easily strip the thread. Thus, it is not advisable to use power tools when assembling this grill.

The assembling of the grill can be done by one person. However, you will need two people to install the cookbox onto the cart.

If you read the owners guide before installing the grill, you would have realized after you have completed putting the whole grill together, you need to remove the front panel to carry out a leak check on all the connections and fittings in the cookbox.

So, it is better to leave the front panel aside and complete the installation of the rest of the grill. Once you’ve completed the leak check you can install the front panel.

You will notice as you are building the grill, the high quality of the Weber grill parts and the absence of rough edges on these parts. You will also be delighted how easily the parts align and fit together.

What Is The Dimension Of The Weber Spirit E-210?

With shopping online sometimes it is hard to visualize a product except for the picture you’re seeing. So I’ve researched and compiled the following information on the dimension of the Weber E-210 grill.

The grill details given below are what many reviewers were concerned with.

Total Dimension

Once fully assembled the measurements of the E-210 is 46” high, 50” wide and 32” deep. The dimension of the grill with the hood open is 63 inches high.

Side Table Dimension

With the side tables folded down, the grill only measures 30 inches wide. Each side table is approximately 10 inches wide.

A point to note here is the base of the grill measured in the widest part is 31 inches wide.

How Big Is the Weber Spirit E-210 cooking area?

The grill grates come in two pieces each measuring 11.5 inches wide and 17.5 inches deep. This gives you a total cooking area of 360 in.²

There are three flame tamers below the grates, each measuring 14 inches.

There is also a removable warming rack that sits 4 inches above the grill grates and measures at 22 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

With the hood closed your cooking height measured from the grill grates to the top of the hood, is slightly less than 11 inches. The cooking guide suggests that you can cook a 10-12 pound turkey in this space. To create more space for roasting you can remove the warming rack.

The distance between the flame tamers and the grill grates is about 2 1/8 inch. This distance reduces any major flare-ups issues.

I hope the above dimensions give you a clear picture of how compact this grill is and where you can position it.

Features of the Weber Spirit E-210

The Shroud or Hood

The porcelain enameled hood has got a dial thermometer in the center to give you the temperature of the grill area.

When the hood is closed you will only notice 2 small holes on either side for the rotisserie. Yes, this grill does accommodate a rotisserie that is sold separately.

The Cookbox

The aluminum casting cookbox houses the grease management system, burners, flame tamers, and the grill grates.

The Grill Grate

The E210 comes with porcelain enamel cast-iron grates that have excellent heat retention properties. They also help to spread the heat evenly across the grill. The enamel coating enables easy cleaning of the grates after use.

The Flame Tamer

The flame tamers on Weber Spirit range are porcelain-enameled coated steel. The flame tamers help to protect the burner from the juices from the cooking. The design of the flame tamers also aids in spreading the heat from the burner to the grill grates.

When the juices of your cooking fall on these hot flame tamers they vaporize and add to the flavor of the food. Thus, they are also known as flavorizer bars.

Weber was behind the invention of this triangle shaped flame tamer. Many grill makers have now adopted different variations to this design.

The Burner

The Weber Spirit E-210 has two conventional stainless steel burner .The burners are installed from front to back in this grill.

These efficient burners produce a combined output of 26,500 BTU. As they are made of stainless steel these burners are tolerant to the small amount of water found in the propane gas.

The burner is made from a singular piece and has no welded joints, as such it is stronger and more resistant to burn through and corrosion.

The burners attach to a precision control valve that helps to increase or decrease the heat for direct or indirect cooking.

Ignition System

The electronic ignition system in this grill lights up the burners easily with the push of a button. The ignition system is powered by a single ‘AA’ alkaline battery. If the battery fails you can always light the grill with a match.

There is a match stick holder attached to a chain, behind the storage compartment door. This device ensures you do not burn your hand when lighting the grill.

E-210 Grease Management System

Below the burners there is an aluminum grease tray that is designed to capture all the grease and juices that fall past the flame tamers. The grease tray is positioned some distance away from the burners so that any accumulated grease cannot catch fire easily.

This grease tray is sloped to allow the grease to drain off into a catch pan. A disposable drip pan is installed in the catch pan for easy disposal of the accumulated grease. The grease tray and catch pan is easily removed from the front through the hinged storage door.

The replacement drip pan can be easily purchased from Amazon, a Weber parts dealer or even some hardware shops. The drip pan is 7.5” x 5”. The part number of the drip pan is Weber 6415.

Some reviewers suggested lining the grease tray with aluminum foil helped with cleaning the tray easily. But Weber user guide cautioned against doing this as the aluminum foil may prevent the grease from flowing to the drip tray.

The user guide only suggested you can line the catch pan with aluminum foil if you don’t want to use the disposable drip pan.

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Gas Tank Storage Compartment

The storage compartment below the cookbox comes with a hinged storage door. Behind the door, you have a compartment to stow your gas tank.

The Weber supplied fuel gauge is designed to read the weight of the bottle. The bottle is thus suspended on a spring and would indicate full, for a bottle weighing 38 lb.

The fuel gauge is fairly accurate; the tank is full when you see 2 slots showing red on the top. When the gauge is just showing one red slot at the bottom, the tank is almost empty.

As this is a manual gauge, it is always advisable to push the bottle down and let it spring back into position, thereby getting a more accurate reading.

There is a hole at the base of the storage compartment that helps support the weight of a full gas bottle.

The suspension mechanism also functions as a support mechanism when you are moving the grill.

Side Tables

The Weber E-210 comes with fold-down side tables that are made of stainless steel. They can be easily folded down by lifting it slightly at the attach point and lowering it.

There a 6 tool hooks attached to the side tables for you to hang utensils when you are resting between your cooking.

Moving The Spirit E210

The whole grill is supported by 4 heavy-duty castor wheels. The two front castors are the locking type and the two rear castors are the swirl type. The castor wheels are all made of plastic.

The 128lb Spirit E-210 can be easily moved around on these four wheels. There are no extra handles to help push the grill except the handle on the hood.

Many reviewers claim that strong winds hardly had any effect on the grill, and it never moved from its parked location. This is mainly attributed to the weight of the grill and the proper functioning of the locking casters.

How To Clean And Maintain Of The Weber Spirit E210?

To ensure the Weber grill gives you many years of trouble-free operation, you have to clean it on a regular basis.

Weber recommends the use of the Weber stainless steel brush to clean the grill grates, flavorizer bars, and the burners. But, to be honest any stainless steel brush will do the job.

You can clean the burners and grill grates easily by brushing it with the stainless steel grill brush.

To do detail cleaning, scrap off the excess grease from the flame tamers and the drip tray. Reassemble the parts and turn the heat up to really hot to burn off any grease.

You can now use the old-fashioned method of a brush and soapy water to clean the flavorizer bars, grill grates, and drip tray. Wash the rest of the grill with a sponge and soapy water.

Allow the items to dry in the sun before putting it all back together again. That is all you need to do, easy isn’t it. Just like any other item, it is always better to do small regular maintenance than to carry out massive overhaul and repair.

Weber’s user guide recommends that you clean the grease tray and catch pan with soap and water after each use.

There is a further caution to check the grease tray and catch pan before every use of the grill as accumulated grease can catch fire easily.

The user guide recommends you check the flexible hose that connects to the gas bottle for any cracks, nicks or cuts before every use. If the hose is found damaged do not use the grill until the hose is replaced.

Keeping your grill clean and well maintained helps it last a long time and saves you money on replacement cost.

Can You Fit The Spirit E-210 To Your Home Propane Gas Tank?

If your house gas is supplied by a large propane tank, as you do not have a natural gas supply, you can always get a plumber to connect this grill to this tank supply.

This will eliminate the issue of you having to worry about changing the small gas bottle under the grill on a regular basis.

Does The Weber Spirit E-210 Have A Smoker Box?

The E-210 does not come with a smoker box, but if the strong smoke flavor is something you desire you can always get a wood chip box from Weber. The box sits on top of the grates and producers smoke when it gets hot.

If we don’t want to get the Weber box you can always soak wood chips and place it on a tray, near one of the burners that have been set to medium or low flame.

What is the Warranty For the Weber Spirit E-210 Parts?

The porcelain-enameled hood and stainless steel burners have a warranty of 10 years.

The cast-iron grill grates are warranted for 5 years.

The steel flame tamers are warranted for 2 years.

The hood, burners, grill grates, and flame tamers are only considered damage if it is rusted through or burned through during the warranty period.

Any paint on the cook-box is warranted for 2 years but the warranty excludes fading or discoloration.

All remaining parts are warranted for 2 years.

Things to like:

Cooking Ability Of The Weber Spirit E-210

The E210 is ideal for cooking a meal for two people and can accommodate the occasional four to six people if required. It all depends on how much food is cooked and how fast you want to cook it.

With the burners on high, the grill heats up quickly to 550°F within 10 minutes. When you turn the gas down it drops down to 400°F within a couple of minutes. The cooking surface heats up quickly and evenly.

The cooking guide also suggested you can easily roast a 10-12lb small turkey on a rotisserie. The rotisserie is sold separately. You can fit the Weber 7614 rotisserie to this model. The rotisserie motor mounts on the right side only. You have to drill your own holes to mount it on the left side.

Just to give you an idea of the grilling space, four big steaks will be cramped on this grill. However, four medium steaks or 6 pork chops will fit easily on this grill. You can also easily cook 6 to 10 medium-sized burgers at one time on this grill.

When cooking a very small meal or doing indirect cooking you can use one burner, provided it is turned to a slightly higher flame setting.

Things to Consider:

Can You Convert The Spirit E-210 To Natural Gas?

The simple answer is no, the reason being Weber does not encourage modification on this unit as it has been certified to only operate with propane gas. Any modification that is done will void your warranty.

Why Is The Temperature Not Going Above 350°F?

It has been mentioned that sometimes the temperature of the grill does not exceed 350°F no matter how long you left the grill on. If you do experience this, the most likely cause is the flow safety device.

The flow safety device is incorporated into the grill to protect you. The safety device reduces the amount of gas supplied if there is a rupture in the hose or any connection from the gas bottle to the burners.

You can reset this device as explained below to enable the gas flow normally again.

Firstly, close the gas bottle valve. Now turn the burner control valve fully open for about a minute to let any residual gas out of the line.

Next, close the burner control valve, and slowly open the gas bottle valve to full. After about 30 seconds, light up the grill as per normal and you should be able to reach temperatures past 400°F.

Burner Precision Control Valve Knob Issues

Weber recently changed their ways the control valve knob functions, which has led to a lot of confusion.

The amount of gas flowing to the burners actually decreases as you turn the knob counterclockwise. The knob has three detent positions the first being the full black circle, the next is a black semicircle and finally a black quarter circle.

When you turn the knob counterclockwise from the OFF position to the full black circle to start the grill, you are actually lighting the grill at its maximum output. As you turn the knob towards the quarter circle the gas flow decreases.

If you keep this mind, turning the burner control knob counterclockwise reduces the flow of gas and thus reducing the heat produced by the burners you will have no issues using this grill.

What Is The Problem In Suspending The Propane Gas Bottle On Weber Spirit E-210?

The gas bottle sits in a suspended mechanism to enable the fuel gauge to function properly. The issue some reviewers are having is the awkward position they have to stand or kneel when they install the gas bottle into the suspension mechanism. They have found lifting the heavy gas bottle and sliding it into the suspension mechanism very cumbersome.

The point to note here is, this was not a major complaint and only a small number of people had an issue with it. Even the reviewers who complained about this issue still spoke highly of the grill’s performance.

Does The Weber Spirit Come With A Grill Cover?

The Spirit E-210 does not come with a grill cover. It’s always desirable to cover the grill if you intend to leave it on the patio or backyard exposed to the natural elements.

Ensuring you cover any grill will extend the life a little longer and keep the unit clean. The small investment on the cover far outweighs the benefits it gives you.

The Weber 7105 premium grill cover is best suited for the 200 series gas grills with the side-table folded. If you do not intend to fold the side-tables you can get the Weber 7106 grill cover.

What is the Best Price for the Weber Spirit E-210?

The Weber grills are a very popular brand and do not go on sale very often. So if you see a Weber Spirit E-210 Sale going on, don’t take too long to make a decision as it will be gone before you know it.

The list price for this model is almost $500 that being said they are available below this price in stores.

What is the real difference in the Weber Spirit Series Grills?

Are you looking for other features that are not available in the Weber Spirit E-210? If so, there is a comprehensive review of the key difference between the models in the Weber Spirit Series range. Go Here to read about the difference and find what you are looking for.

Verdict on the Weber Spirit E-210 Gas Grill

If you need to cook a large meal of 15 burgers, 3 large steaks, and some sausages simultaneously, this is not a grill for you.

If you’re looking for a unit with a side burner, again this is not a grill for you. A grill does not have any provision to add the side burner later.

This is the right grill for you if you looking for a compact grill that performs excellently and grills food fast for a small group of 2 to 4 people. This is also the right grill for someone who has limited space in their patio or backyard area.

It is a well- built, high-performance grill, with a high customer review rating; that may even seem slightly overpriced for its size, but it all depends on your needs and budget.

If this is the right grill for you?

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