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May 18, 2016

Not Sure which Model In The Weber Spirit Series To Get, Continue Reading…….

Do you want to know the difference between the Weber Spirit E-210 and the rest of the grills in the Weber Spirit Series?  I will do an overview of the Weber Spirit E-210 and use it as a base model to expand on, to show you all the additional feature of the other models in the Weber Spirit Series.

The Weber Spirit Series grills are elegant looking, which have some well thought of design features. They also come highly rated by reviews which speak for the grills performance.

The Weber Spirit Series has many designs from the compact one that has foldable side tables to some grills that have side burners and sear stations. But there are 2 distinct variations in the Spirit series, there are the two-burner grills than there are the three-burner grills.

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The Weber Spirit E-210

The Spirit E-210 is a compact grill that has a dimension of 50inches wide,45.5 inches tall and 32 inches deep.

This model has side tables that can be folded to allow you to make it more compact when not in use. The only other model in this series that has side tables that can be folded is the S-210.

The cooking area dimension is 21 inches wide and 17.5 inches deep. It also has a removable warming rack sitting above the grill grates.

The hood is made from porcelain enameled steel. The hood is hinged to the cookbox and comes with a handle to assist in opening. The hood also has a thermometer to tell you the how hot the grill surface is.

The cookbox has 2 grill grates that are made from porcelain enameled cast iron that has excellent heat retention and heat distribution qualities.

Three flame tamers rest beneath the grill grates. The flame tamers made of porcelain enameled steel, protect the burners and at the same time assist in distributing the heat from these burners.

The Spirit E-210 has two gas burners that produce a total of 26500 BTU of heat energy. These burners are made from stainless steel. The burners have no welds in them making them more resistant to corrosion.

The grease tray and catch pan rest below the burners. All the waste oil and juices from the meat fall on the grease tray and flow to the catch pan to be collected and disposed of later. The sloping design of the grease tray enables the waste to easily flow into the catch pan.

The catch pan can be fitted with a disposable drip pan to make cleaning easier.

The cookbox sits on a cart that has a painted hinged door on the front. The enclosed cart is the storage area for the gas tank. The propane gas is suspended on a fuel gauge that indicated the approximate weight of the tank. As the amount of gas in the tank depletes the indicator changes position to give you an approximate indication.

The whole grill is supported by four caster wheels; two swirling and 2 locking type. The wheels assist in easily moving the grill from one location to the other.

What are the Differences In The Weber Spirit Grill?

We will now look at all the various models in the Weber Spirit Series.

Weber Spirit E-210 Gourmet Grill System

The E-210 gourmet system (GBS) has a circular center section on the grill grate that is removable. This then allows you to install cookware like a wok or a griddle. There is actually a total of 6 additional cookware items that you can purchase separately to be used in the center section of the grill.

Some reviewers have claimed the removable grill grate has easily fallen onto the flame tamers when they tried to remove it. It is easy to imagine how this can be an issue if the grill was on.

The E-210 gourmet model’s front section below the cookbox is not a solid hinged door. Instead, it is a metal cover that is hooked to the front. Some reviewers have mentioned the cover has a tendency to fall off easily from its attachment.

Weber Spirit E-210 Vs Weber Spirit S-210

The Weber Spirit S-210 has two differences compared to the E-210 model. Firstly, there is a stainless steel hood that gives the grill a more sleek and stylish look. Thus, except for the painted steel cabinet, everything in the S-210 is now stainless steel.

Secondly, you now have the ability to choose the type of fuel source for the grill at the time of purchase. You can either choose the standard propane gas version or a natural gas version.

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You cannot modify a Weber Spirit S-210 propane gas unit later down the road to a different fuel source as the unit is factory fitted and tested for that particular fuel source. The same conditions apply to the Weber Spirit E-210 natural gas grill.

If you are intending to get the Weber Spirit Grill E-210 natural gas grill, you have to ensure you have the necessary natural gas connection point in your backyard or patio.

It’s easy to identify the Weber Spirit S-210 natural gas grill, by its ten-foot-long flexible gas hose.

Everything else in S-210 from features to the performance is identical to the E-210.

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Weber Spirit E-210 Vs Weber Spirit E-310

The Weber Spirit E-310 is a three burner gas grill. It has a slightly bigger cooking area. The dimension of the grill is 46” high, 52” wide and 32” deep.

The Weber Spirit E-310 also gives you the ability to select your preferred fuel source at the time of purchase. The two models are the Weber Spirit E-310 propane gas and the Weber Spirit E-310 natural gas. Similar to the E-210 you cannot modify the fuel source after purchase as it will void the warranty of the grill.

The notable differences besides the slightly bigger cooking area are the side tables, burners and the flavorizer bars in this grill.

Other than these differences the rest of the specification in terms of material and coating is identical to the Spirit E-210.

The side tables on the E-310 cannot be folded down. This makes this model slightly less compact than the E-210.

The Weber Spirit E-310 grill comes with 3 stainless steel burners having a combined output of 32,000 BTU. The design, performance, and orientation of the burners in the grill are identical to the E-210.

The Spirit E-310 has 5 porcelain-enameled steel flavorizer bars installed in the cookbox. The additional flavorizer bars help in greater heat distribution to the grill grates from the burners.

The slightly bigger cooking area and the higher combined output of the burners give you more options on how you want a grill your food. You also have better temperature control across the grill grates due to the additional burner.

The hood of the Spirit E-310 is also made of porcelain-enameled steel.

If the Weber Spirit E-310 is within your budget, it is definitely worth the extra cost due to the larger cooking area and additional performance.

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Weber Spirit E-310 Vs Weber Spirit E-330

The Weber Spirit E-330 can only be powered by a propane gas fuel source. The grill has two additional features; the side burners and the sear station.

The additional side burner on the E-330 has an output of 12,000 BTU. The burner is flush mounted onto the side table. There is also a lid to cover the burner when not in use.

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The sear station has a burner that sits between two burners. The individually controlled, sear station stainless steel burner produces about 7500 BTU. The extra feature allows you to increase the heat around this area quickly to enable you to get a good sear on your meat. This addition has been welcomed by many Weber grill enthusiasts.

If you like the slightly larger cooking area and extra performance of the E-310 but need a side burner and sear station for your style of cooking; the Weber Spirit E-330 is a perfect choice for you.

Weber Spirit E-310 Vs Weber Spirit Weber Spirit SP-310

Some retailers carry the Spirit Premium range and the Weber Spirit SP-310 is such a model. The Weber Spirit E-310 and the Weber Spirit SP-310 are identical except for some variations.

The notable difference in the premium version is the stainless steel exterior. The grill hood and the enclosure door are now upgraded to stainless steel.

The other thing they have upgraded in the Spirit SP-310 is the stainless steel cooking grates. This addition further improves the heat retention properties of the grill grates.

Unlike the Weber Spirit E-310, the Weber Spirit E-320 only comes in the propane gas version. There is no option to get this model in the natural gas version.

The stainless steel exterior gives the SP-310 a more modern and elegant look.

Weber Spirit E-330 Vs Weber Spirit SP-330

I have compared the E-330 to the premium version SP-320 as both the grills are identical except for a few variations. Again not all retailers carry the premium version.

The Weber Spirit SP-330 also has a stainless steel exterior upgrade. The enclosure door and hood are now in stainless steel.

The other upgrade is the stainless steel grates that increase the efficiency of the cooking grates due to its excellent heat retention ability.

The other marked difference is the ability to select the type of fuel source. There are two models the Weber Spirit SP-330 propane gas and the Weber Spirit SP-330 natural gas. Again, once you have selected and purchased the grill model, you cannot convert the unit to accept the other fuel source later. Weber does not encourage the conversion of their grills as they are factory tested and certified.

Final Note:

The Weber Spirit grill is an entry-level grill which has very nice design features and is highly recommended by reviewers. The Spirit comes in so many configurations to cater for the needs of the customers. The additional features only improve the functionality of this grill. Whichever model you pick based on your needs and budget will not fall short in performance. I can’t really make a mistake picking a grill from the Weber Spirit Series.

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